This webpage is meant to be a hub for game projects celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, including a Canada-wide collaborative game jam!

The game-jam is planned to be informally held from February 1 – July 1, 2017. Independent student clubs, maker-spaces, existing game-jams, indie developers and artist groups are encouraged to organize meetings, jams and related events in their city during this period.

Collaboration is the goal, to have developers and artists across the country contribute towards one or more larger projects then a traditional game jam would allow. This jam is held over 150 days to allow time towards these works. The only rule is that projects must feature Canada, through either setting, story, art, music or gameplay. There is no prize or award, only the spirit of cultural pride to make a project freely available to celebrate Canada’s special year. Final projects, with permission, will be made accessible through this site. Details on how the games will be showcased to be made available in the months to come!

Canada is known as a world-leading hotbed of talent in the game industry. Let’s give the world an invitation to play something proudly Canadian!

Join the conversation in the discussion board or through social media with #canada150game ! Non-affiliated game-events also celebrating Canada 150 are encouraged to promote through this portal too!

General Rules (you don’t have to follow if you don’t want to): click here!