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    Creating a game like Myst where you go around from room to room, discovering hidden treasures.
    Once you find an item, a question pops up regarding Canadian history (multiple choice).
    Several questions are asked until you get the answer correct.
    By getting the answer correct, You then collect a Canadian artifact.
    Once all the Canadian artifacts are collect, your able to past that level onto the next.

    This way the game involves discovery, element of surprise (discovering treasures) and it’s educational.

    This would be a first person view.
    Game would be in 3D using Unity.

    Hope this game idea is helpful.

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    If you decide to go with this idea, please let me know, I`d like to be involved.
    I have a background in 3D modeling and 2D Graphics.

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    I like this one, there’s plenty of potential to expand the game, but it can still be contained enough to accomplish.

    If you come by the meetups in Windsor, Ontario, I’d love to talk further about this idea. (I can help a little with 3D modeling and programming in Unity)

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    Hi A.H., Thanks for your feedback!
    Your point about the game being contained enough to accomplish is correct.
    The goal is to build a final product based on quality of quantity.

    Updated ideas for the game:
    -Instead of doing multiple choice questions after finding an artifact,
    there should be an historic description providing a clue as to where
    the artifact is hidden in the environment.
    This keeps the player thinking like a detective based on clues.
    -The lighting is slightly dim, with some rustic wood yet modern.

    -Starting off, we`ll need to do research based on Canadian historic facts which would be used as clues
    in the game. This also would determine the type of assets to build and how the environment/ atmosphere would look and feel.
    -150 days should be enough for me to build 2 or 3 levels, assets, texturing, 2D graphics.
    -Ill need someone experienced with Unity. Well need a moving camera, simple animations,
    lighting, control setup, sound, etc.

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    I have experience with Unity!

    I was planning to make some simple demo projects people could use as a baseline for their Unity games later this month, I’ll include an example to help make smooth camera transitions and object animations.

    The lighting and sound should be simple enough, but it depends how realistic you want the environment to feel. And do you think you will need 3D animated objects (like a walking person), or would animations be simple, like a door opening or an object rotating? If simple, we can make the animation system directly in Unity, otherwise we need a 3D animation program, which I can help a little with (it sounds like you can do that as well), but good opportunity for more help to come in.

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    Hi A.H., I was thinking in the same direction as your suggestions.
    I like the idea of having animated objects like doors opening, clocks, flickering light, etc.
    People walking around and talking to one another helps bring the environment to life.
    The player should also be able to interact with people, asking them questions for additional clues.

    I think the game should be realistic, stylized textures with soft lighting.
    I would be able to handle the texturing and modeling.
    If you could handle the Unity aspect(controls, lighting, etc), sounds, background music (if needed).
    The animations could be done in Unity. I could texture the people using our faces or people we know.
    it would be cool to see ourselves in the game.

    To get the best quality based on the time allowed, focusing on one mansion would give us the best
    looking, fun game. Creating a mansion like Willistead Manor, allows use to reference the environment
    based on a grand, historic landmark. By creating 2 or 3 levels in the mansion, this gives the player
    more areas to discover.

    I believe the final platform for the game will be web based? I`d also like to get the game on mobile,
    IOS and Android for free. This allows the game to reaching a broader audience.
    Let me know your capabilities on getting the game mobile, since their would be testing involved.

    Once everyone knows which game projects their working on, I would suggest running a campaign with Indiegogo. This would help build funds while gaining attention within the media.

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    I might be able to test on Android, but I don’t have an iPhone device or a setup required to be able to export an iOS build for testing, let alone releasing on a store. For now, the best we can do is to make projects that run as smoothly as possible, and maybe discuss a port later (porting any of the projects could take up more time than anyone can afford right now). If the project relies on mouse clicks and not keyboard presses or swipes, that should also make it easier to port between computer and mobile.

    We’d have to be careful about crowdfunding… my experience is that it does not help that much with media attention, and a failed campaign only looks embarrassing for all involved. If we don’t yet have basic gameplay to show or an existing audience aware of us, success is low. Funding for any reason would be easier through government sources due to the nature of this event. But we can still consider this over the next few weeks.

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    Having the game run on a platform as smooth as possible such as web would definitely be our goal.
    At the same time, the 3D models and textures will be built in consideration for mobile platforms
    (if time is allowed).

    Getting funding through government sources would be a great, and justified due to the project.

    Based on what we’ve discussed so far, I’ll start creating an game design document and email to you for input.

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    Sorry I have not responded recently.

    I made a simple prototype of the game system, which can be downloaded from GitHub for now here:
    It would be the 2nd scene (under ” Canada150_Demo_Samples / Assets / DemoProject02 / “).

    I also made a page for this for now, you can also download a zip file to play the game on a Windows PC from there:

    Currently, you can click on the glowing blue objects, and it will move the camera to a different part of the scene. This system is mostly straightforward (I’ll improve a few bugs and add extra features, like rotating objects you are looking at), with something like this we can now start adding 3D modeling and art and story and game design.

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    Hello everyone! Sorry for lack of updates, it seems there’s been some falling out from most of team due to scheduling conflicts.

    The game is fully playable now as a point-and-click adventure game. You can download the source code and builds at this github link if you want to add more!

    TODO (before final submission this week):
    – maybe update assets (many 3D models are free 3rd party from Unity asset store)
    – add music
    – add basic keyboard movement to walk in environment (people keep saying they want to be able to walk and not just click, I don’t know why…)

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    This is cool!!!!!!

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