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    Check here to see the general rules for making a new forum thread for game project ideas.

    When posting new topics, please make titles in the following format:
    “[city, province] project title or codename”

    In the description, it is recommended to include details such as:

    • Brief description of the game (story, genre).
    • What you need volunteers for (level designers? programmers? artists? animators? audio?).
    • Any specific details about the game you want to focus on (gameplay structure, controls, etc.).
    • Structure of collaboration (should those interested meet you at a local event? should they make independent levels and bring them together later?)
    • Links to videos, images, project files, websites, etc. that can help explain your idea, or to help others contribute.
    • Contact information to get more information.

    Under topic tags, please separate by comma, and include both the city and province as tags, for visitors to search for meetings in their area.

    Project ideas can be absolutely anything, as long as it celebrates Canada somehow in the story, art or gameplay. The intention is that the project be developed entirely within the 150 day period leading up to July 1, 2017.

    Volunteers from across the country can reply to a project idea if they want to learn more or want to contribute. Original authors should keep track of their posting to reply promptly to interested parties.

    Projects are generally independent of each other, and this website has no responsibility over any of these projects.

    If you wish to modify or edit a post and are having trouble doing so, please send a message to with details of what you want to change. Please only do this for posts connected to your email.

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