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    General instructions for posting new meetup thread.

    When posting new topics, please make titles in the following format:
    “[city, province] location or meeting title”

    In the description, please include details such as

    • Location name, address.
    • Day and time of meeting (future meetings can be listed in replies to thread, or listed in a new topic thread).
    • Website, Facebook, or registration link, if any.
    • Description of what to expect at the meeting (tutorials, food, meet-and-greet, presentation, bring your own computers and software, etc.).
    • Contact information, if any.

    Under topic tags, please separate by comma, and include both the city and province as tags, for visitors to search for meetings in their area.

    If another meeting has been organized near you, please consider reaching out to them before setting up your own. Multiple events per city is allowed. Existing events may use this forum to advertise themselves if related to Canada’s 150th year in theme.

    Meetups are generally independent of each other, and this website has no responsibility over any of these events.

    If you wish to modify or edit a post and are having trouble doing so, please send a message to with details of what you want to change. Please only do this for posts connected to your email.

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    • This topic was modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago by  A.H..
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