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    So my game idea is a survival game like “The Lone Dark”, “Rust”, “The Forest”, “Stranded Deep” (you get the idea) set in Canadian National Provincial Parks. Main features include exploration, crafting, building shelter, gatherig and hunting for food, and other essentials… pretty standard type of game. What makes this different is that the maps are based off Canadian Provincial Parks like Algonquin, Killarney, French River… We would aquire heatmaps of those parks and use them to build the initial layout of the maps, and then some manual tweaking to fix any heatmap problems we might encounter.

    That’s the initial idea, there are other things that can be thought about, like adding landmarks from real life that give you some sort of bonus, or stuff like that…

    I am a Software Engineer and I mainly use Unity3D for games, so I would work on programming side of things, I also have experience with sound composition, 3D modelling, and other random stuff.

    So I would be looking for:
    – Other programmer(s)
    – 3D and 2D artists for assets, animations, UI…
    – Sound designer

    Contact me with any questions: easm93@gmail.com

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    Jason Ly

    I like this idea but I’m all the way in Windsor

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    This sounds like a great idea! Remember to keep project ideas contained enough to be able to finish within a reasonable period, though.

    We got a great turnout of people in Windsor, Ontario so far, there’s no reason we can’t help out from a distance! We have a few programmers and artists that might be able to give a hand over the next few months. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local community to get people excited!

    If I come up with ideas or have any assets that might be useful, I’ll post a link to them here for use in this project. If you continue along and find you need something specific, list stuff here and I’m sure someone will help contribute.

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    Jason Ly

    I can help out with the programming

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    Thanks for the responses guys! I will be doing this in a very part time manner and see how far I can get. For now, I don’t think I need too much help on the programming side but I will definitely post again when I come to that point. In the meantime, any artists willing to help out that would be great. I know most of you are in Windsor and that’s ok, we can definitely work remotely. Here are some of the starting models I would need if anybody is up for the task. Of course anyone who helps out would be mentioned as a collaborator or team member for the project 🙂

    – Canoe (Maybe a couple different models that differ a little in aesthetics and size)
    – Canoe Padel
    – Tent
    – Sleeping bag
    – Campfire
    – Some misc weapons/tools (think along the lines of Bow and arrow, rifle, pickaxe, shovel, binoculars…)
    – A few backpack models (ranging from small to large)
    – And if you are looking for an even greater challenge, some wildlife with simple walking/running/idle animations (bear, moose, deer, beaver, birds….)

    This is just the start but would be fantastic if I find some of you to help out with this. I will be posting an initial post on my website soonish to have a more defined dev process via a devlog.

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    Sorry for no conversation over the last month.
    I made a few 3d assets to start, including:

    – tent
    – canoe, paddle
    – axe, pickaxe
    – campfire


    Note that texturing has not been drawn yet, and some of these assets could still be improved… I include both fbx and the original file for Blender3D in github link.

    Let us know if any of these should be changed, and if any new items should have higher priority to be made.

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