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    Hey guys,
    I’m doing a small game jam that’s organized through Itch.io…. they have a really nice interface for posting your own jam, promoting it, and getting people to join, and submit their games (as downloads, or embedded web apps) through the site. People can vote and comment on entries, there’s a feed of latest submissions, etc.

    Anyway… I was thinking this might solve our problems that we have been briefly talking about at the meetings about how to organize the jam, how to present all the entries together when it’s done, and help with promotion, etc. Anyway, check it out, this is the one I’m currently in: itch.io/jam/resistjam

    I can set up the page for the Canada150 jam if you guys like the idea.

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    I like it. Sherri, can you take the lead to setup a itch.io page for #canada150game ?

    This looks like a great way to promote in a place where other indie-developers/fans can easily find us, in a place where they are looking for game jams. That alone would make it worthwhile. And it looks like a slick way to show the games at the end.

    … however, our concerns about showing the final games together was to attempt to put them in the same application, to be able to have a player seamlessly playing through everything as if it was one large game. We’ll still experiment with that idea and continue the discussion on this site for those who want to, but otherwise itch.io is a great idea.

    Reply back if you have any concerns or trouble making a page.

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    Also, to whoever posted the jam on indiegamejams.com , thanks to you too!

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    Andrew, and other Hackforgers, if anyone has an Itch account, let me know I can add you as editors.

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    It’s here!!!!!


    Create your itch account, and join the jam. You can add your game even if it’s not yet complete. Post work in progress screenshots, and help spread the word. 🙂

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    Got a response finally:

    We currently don’t show jams that extend longer than 30 days on the calendar to prevent them from taking up a permanent spot. I’ve updated the gird of jams below the calendar show it though.

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