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    Aaron Monminie

    The core concept of the game is that you are a beaver trapper trying to catch beavers to help fix a breaking human made damn. It will have a more comedic feel to it.
    This is a 2d game with a camera angle slightly of tilt from top down. The terrain will be simple but will be procedural generating when starting a new game. A good example of an existing game that does something similar would be Don’t Starve.
    Your default speed is ‘run’ and you have the option to change your speed to ‘sneak’. You have to use sneak to get close to the beavers in order to catch them. If you don’t sneak you will startle them and they will run away. The goal is to catch as many beavers as you can to get the high score. The challenge comes from avoiding getting mauled by bears. The Bears will chase you and you will have to try and use the terrain to escape them while avoiding other bears.
    As you catch more beavers the more dangerous the areas will be (ie. More bears).

    Anyone is welcome to contribute to this game. I have described a mostly bare bones version of the game above, but there is the option to add much more to it if there is time. An example of some other ideas would be to have beavers to set traps to catch you since they are so cleaver.

    This will be the main project that I will be working on for this game jam, but will try to make myself available if anyone has any Unity questions or needs advice. If I end up having some more time I may also contribute to other projects I find interesting.

    If you are interested in contributing in any way then just post here and we can discuss it further.

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    That sounds great!

    Lots of potential as time allows. Eg – more beavers trapped = more tree obstacles.

    Might want to word it… the beaver are ‘recruited’ for the dam repair… LOL

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    From the beginning of the description, I kept picturing an image of valiant beavers marching forward in uniform to take on the challenge of dam: that in itself might make a fun final-level end-boss mini-game thingy to guide the beavers towards the dam, the more beavers you originally caught the easier to beat the final stage.

    Anyway, sounds like fun idea, I’ll look forward to more postings about its progress and ideas!

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    Aaron Monminie

    I have been silent for a while, but I have returned to let you guys know that I have “Leave it to the Beavers” completed. Its on my website here http://d6games.ca/games/leave-it-to-the-beavers and I have also added it to the itch.io list.
    Feel free to go play it a little bit and fill up the leaderboards.

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    This is great!!

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