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    1. Games must begin development on or after Feb 1, 2017 and be completed by ~ June 1. For review and integration by Canada day.
    2. Games must feature a Canadian theme in some way.
    3. Games must contain only family-friendly content.
    4. The recommended engine is Unity 3D, but other engines can be used. We will try to publish to a unified collection likely web-based. Details to come.
    5. Games can be developed by solo devs or teams. In English or French.


    1. Developers should keep the scope and time-frame in mind when deciding the complexity of their game. Games which are not completed on time, will not be included in the final showcase.
    2. Recommended to keep the control scheme and system requirements simple.
    3. Recommended to use the Canadian Penny as an in-game collectable, currency, etc to have a unified element across all games. (We are researching a possible API for maintaining user data – score, achievements, etc – across all games.)

    NOTE: This info drawn from the Windsor kick-off meeting. This may be revised in the future. Check back to this forum for news and updates. Teams are urged to use their preferred platform for inter-team communication.

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    As for now, the rules in the first post in the thread are the rules we will try to follow.

    When we say “Requirements,” this refers to rules that make it as easy as possible to combine and promote the games through this site by the deadline on July 1. If unable to follow all of the rules under “Requirements,” there may still be an opportunity to list your project alongside other submissions.

    Additionally, please consider the following schedule to help make progress (it’s harder than you think to make a game in 150 days!). These are not restrictive, but recommended dates to follow:
    – March 1, 2017 : game concepts and ideas determined, ready to commit to idea to develop.
    – April 1, 2017 : playable prototype of game (playable from start to finish) finished.
    – May 1, 2017 : improve gameplay, art, music and other assets.
    – June 1, 2017 : final days of development, open up to other developers for feedback, prepare to submit for showcase on site.
    – July 1, 2017 : put your pencils down, relax and look back at the awesome thing you did!

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