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    Aaron Monminie

    The site seems to load a majority of the pages using ajax without changing the url in the browser. This becomes an issue when you are trying to share a link to a specific forum post, book marking it for later, or refreshing a page.

    I am not sure if the plugin used for the forum has limitations for this, but I think it should be fixed if possible. I can look into it if no one else has time right now.

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    Looks like a domain masking setting. For example, this thread is actually:

    Routing Issue

    Which if you go to you can get the forum thread urls in the address bar.

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    Ug, it turned my link into a preview blurb.

    h t t p : / /

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    Need an edit-post option… oh well. This thread:

    h t t p : / /

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    Yep, Sherri got it right, sorry for the confusion.

    The real url is , if you visit the site from this url, you can explore the site and the url will change based on the page you are on. The domain “” is pointing to this site. It was the easiest/cheapest way for me to utilize my existing hosting account and not have to worry about transferring a site to a new url.

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    Remind me to teach you an .htaccess trick to use multiple parked domains & 1 hosting account to make several smaller sites, all with urls that work right. šŸ™‚

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