"Sorry, Eh"

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    Sean Liska

    I’d like to do some sort of take on how Canadians apologize and say “eh” all the time.

    Right now I’m thinking maybe a top down view of a crowded mall with people walking all over the place. Every time you bump into someone your character apologizes. NPC characters will also say “Sorry” when they bump into each other. I’m hoping as the game level fills and gets harder you will get this increase in apologies that reaches absurd and hopefully funny levels.The goal might be to get to the target area without bumping into anyone.

    Another take on this could be you are walking with your coffee and don’t want to have it spilled by bumping into someone.

    Just some initial thoughts.

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    I’m picturing a bit of a bounce effect when you bump into someone so it has a comical pin-ball look. HAH

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    AI programmers would have a fun time with this, trying to optimize thousands of people each seemingly on their own path and colliding with you, the player.

    I’m thinking a top-down 2D pixel-version of the “Dead Rising” games, but instead of killing hordes of zombies, you are trying to politely pass by. There could be a “sorry” counter at the top, either trying to get the lowest or highest “sorry” score could be part of the goal, where your speed or the amount of times you said “sorry” would affect how your coffee is spilled… I’m rambling, but there’s a ton of possibilities with the first description.

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    I started a basic prototype that people can get started with:

    screenshot of prototype

    Leave a comment if anyone is having trouble updating this repository, or if they prefer to carry the project to a different source.

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    Sean Liska

    Thanks man! I set-up github and cloned it. I’ll see if I can get some changes in before the next meet 🙂

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    Josh Greig

    Here’s a song that could fit with the game.

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    Sean Liska

    lol that is great!

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    Itch.io page made. https://dust-scratch-games.itch.io/canada150game-sorry-eh
    If any additional updates have been made, let me know and we can post better screenshots (making screenshots look pretty not important until near the end of the game jam).

    I can add admin rights to any game, let me know your itch.io account username and I can add you at anytime.
    My email: ahlynka@fromdustscratch.com

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    Github updated.
    Bare function all done now, but can be added to for improvement as desired.
    UI, graphics and animations still to be updated.

    Any additions welcome.

    Main Menu

    Level 3

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