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    Hi I am wondering where are we in the process.
    I don’t see any recent updates.


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    All quiet on the northern front…

    A meeting is still planned on Sunday, February 26 at 1pm at Hackforge for people in Windsor. We’ll be going over basic methods to implement prototypes of the ideas posted in this forum, and will be able to give more relevant feedback to each other.

    I’m planning to make some sample demo projects this week in Unity3D to help people who don’t know where to start. I saw Jason Ly posted a prototype demo already running in a browser in the forum, which is great! Over the next few weeks, we’ll probably be more active to start sharing links to see projects and download assets to contribute to each other.

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    I have VEEERY early version of the SpotLight interactive fiction engine up and running. Still a bunch of work to do before it’s ready for people to use and play. Only a short random tutorial so far.

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    Ok weird, my posts weren’t working earlier.

    Anyway, I have a lot done on the SpotLight interactive fiction engine. Working the back end tool in so it can be used for basic authoring. Setup the ‘live’ site, but it’s still way early Alpha.

    url: (links aren’t allowing me to post for some reason)

    See you all tomorrow!

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    Sorry about your posts being blocked, I’m not sure what caused that… shooting an email to me at can get me to unblock a comment within 24 hours.

    That engine is more complex than I thought, complete with images/music/inventory/action options/movement. If animated GIFS could be used for the images, than I can’t imagine anything else the Spotlight IF engine could need. Can’t wait to try it out!

    For Unity3D developers who don’t know where to start, I posted a couple sample scene files that can be downloaded from GITHUB :

    This covers a little about first-person/third-person/2D gameplay, character and camera movement, and trigger logic when clicking or colliding with things. It’s not perfect code, but mostly simple, and a good starting point for anyone interested in Unity but not sure where to start.

    I hope to see you all tomorrow, we’ll talk about the tools we’re starting to use and how to use them, plus moving forward on some of the ideas in the discussion board!

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