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    I have a Gamified Interactive Fiction engine that is in the works and nearing completion. I’m planning to write a historical, Canadian themed adventure using this – it publishes to the web at the moment.

    I have one other person interested so far.

    If you have an interest in writing but don’t want to take on programming or design roles, you are welcome to contact me about writing a short adventure using this engine, for the game jam.

    Here is a screen shot of the tutorial adventure written in the latest version:


    Contact me: sherri[dot]wheeler at gmail dot com.

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    Woah, sorry for the huge image. O_o

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    Limitless potential in this idea! And it’s always fun to write short stories about angry pop stars and handsome young politicians and politically correct comedians and unhealthy obsessions with Canadian Tire money… With this, it sounds like the more writers the better!

    If the engine or framework isn’t available to post online to try out, can you list out some details of how the gameplay works? For example, does every story break allow a button press for an action? Is there a limit to how many buttons can be made for each break? How soon would you want story drafts to be able to implement something?

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    For interested people, you’ll have 2 choices:

    I have a dashboard tool set up for easy authoring – but it only has the base IF features done. Create rooms with a title, add action/choice buttons, button loads another room.

    If you want gamified features: NPCs, compass directions, inventory, conditionals, room images, etc… then you need to be willing to learn the configuration JSON file format and write it up in that. I haven’t built those features into the dashboard yet.

    I’ll send a Readme, samples and give help and instructions for anyone interested. Too much to put it here.

    Email me: sherri[dot]wheeler at gmail . com.

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    Rather than ‘pages’ like traditional IF, the game is a grid of rooms, loaded to the browser in 5×5 chunks. Each room can have ANY number of buttons. Buttons either send you to another room, or send you to the current room (for picking up keys, inventory updates etc). No limit to the number of buttons on each room.

    Buttons, NPCs, etc can be conditional: ie hidden unless a condition, or vice-versa.

    I will set up a live demo site soon.

    We can either collaborate on a single large adventure, or people can make a bunch of small ones. I can link them together into chapters, or stand-alone adventures.

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    FYI, the engine is called SpotLight Adventures. 🙂

    @SilverKeyGames Twitter

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    NPC Screenshot. Dialog.

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    I’m definitely interested, I’ll shoot an email for more information later this week.

    If a collaborative venture, this could be a fun project to have different people each write a chapter for, each being open-ended enough to lead to the next part, or to have start/end points decided and let each writer decide what goes in between… I definitely what to see what this looks like come March.

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