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    Josh Greig

    Brief Description:
    The 100 Meter Moose would be a laughably difficult to play game based on a game that I think was originally called QWOP. Similar to QWOP, you’d have a character run 100 meters while struggling to control every limb individually. The main difference would be that the character is a moose and it’ll fall on its back or flat on its belly.

    If you want to see someone playing QWOP, check here.

    Volunteers needed:

    • Artists may be needed to create the 2 dimensional image assets.
    • Programmers would be needed for the HTML/JavaScript implementation of the game unless they want to use some other technology like Unity3D

      I wanted to share this idea for anyone who might want to take this on but unfortunately I’m too busy to give this a serious commitment myself. You’re welcome to use this game idea without involving me.

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    That idea’s crazy… it’s so crazy, it just might work!

    I think I can help make 2D art assets for this one, 2D skeletal animations have been something I was looking into anyway. I’m sure drawing a moose can’t be that hard…

    And of course, different moose/animals can help add to this project, so anyone else is free to jump in!

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    Josh Greig

    There’s a moose poop game with graphics similar to what could fit on the 100 meter moose game.



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    Josh Greig

    Moose Poop

    Moose poop - tap to play

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